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The Club gym will be your solution.You don’t have to run marathons to get healthy, expert Say. Even a moderate amount of exercise can make a big difference and a healthy lifestyle starts with encouragement from family and friends.
Overweight and excessive Fat is a Thing of the past.Just step into our modern and improved gymnasium and experience your new look in the making.
We have a variety modern exercise equipment to cater for all sports exercise and expectations and which can help you to lose excess body fat, determined to burn off that disturbing excess fat and weight improve your shape or appearance, increase your endurance, boost your energy or simply look good and feel great..Our qualified on – site fitness instructors are focused on achieving maximum results in least amount of time and offer guidance to the biginners and advanced members as well.
We do offer as well a personal trainer for a private workout.Your trainer is with you the entire workout to ensure that you perform each exercise correctly.

Aerobics Fitness Class
Our Aerobics Fitness program is filled with exciting classes to fit all types of exercises from biginners right to advanced members.The Club offers Step Aerobics, Low impact Aerobics, Marathon classes, Tae –bo and intensity aerobics.Also there is speciality offered like Zumba Fitness Classes.
Our Aerobics classes continued to attract good participation from both sex and involve a lot of body movement and are designed to strengthen the cardiovascular system and provide all round body workout.




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